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We invite you to become the author of the publication of the Peer-Reviewed Scientific and Practical Journal LEGAL ORDER: history, theory, practice, if Your article is devoted to the study of problematic issues of various branches of law, affecting the theoretical aspects of legislative regulation or practice of law enforcement and law enforcement activities aimed at maintaining law and order, as well as issues of legal education and education of future lawyers.

1. General recommendation

1.1. The manuscript should be original (not less than 70%), not previously published in other publications and not intended for simultaneous publication in other publications.

1.2. The manuscript should correspond to the subject of the journal and the requirements placed on the website of the journal in the section "Requirements".

1.3. All materials should be open only. The presence of a restrictive vulture is the basis for the deviation of the material from the open publication.

1.4. In accordance with the Requirements of the journal, the text of the manuscript should be signed by the author as follows: "the Manuscript is proofread, facts, citations, references checked. Published for the first time."

1.5. By signing, the author confirms his authorship and supports publishing ethics, gives consent and the right to publish the article.

2. Article submission procedure

2.1. The manuscript of the article is sent to the editorial Office by e-mail ( The editorial Board welcomes the publication of articles by undergraduates, graduate students and applicants in collaboration with the supervisor.

2.2. When submitting a manuscript, the author should carefully check the General spelling, the correct spelling of legal terms, the design of the text of the work, the list of sources and references.

2.3. All files must be signed (for example, "Ivanov_article.doc", "Ivanov_request.doc" "Ivano_review.doc").

2.4. Articles without profiles and reviews (review supervisor) for undergraduates, graduate students and applicants are not considered! Author on al. address, within 7 days a notice of non-compliance of the submitted material with the requirements of the journal is sent. After revision, the article can be submitted again.

2.5. Prepared materials can be sent in two ways, send to E-mail: or fill in the article submission form provided below.

2.6. Terms of submission of articles are not limited - received article after reviewing will be published in the next issue of the journal.

The editorial Board reserves the right to edit and reduce the received material.

3. The order of reviewing articles

All submitted articles are subject to internal review. To be considered article decorated according to the requirements specified in the "Requirements"section.

3.2. The received article is registered in the journal with the date of receipt, title, Author, place of work of the author. By e-mail the author is informed about the receipt of the article to the Editor.

3.3. All articles are checked and reviewed.

3.4. Forms of reviewing articles:

- internal (review of manuscripts by members of the editorial Board);

- external (direction to review manuscripts of articles by leading experts in the relevant industry).

The reviewer can be a specialist from the editorial Board, the editorial Board, or an external reviewer.

3.5. The reviewer considers the article is aimed for 2 weeks and is preparing a review, which directs to the editor at the email address

The review should cover the following issues:

-General characteristics of the article and its relevance;

-relevance of scientific terms and results of the study;

-the validity of scientific statements and results;

-significance of scientific provisions and results (from the point of view of development of science and prospects of practical application);

-comments on the presentation and design of the article;

-compliance of the article with the problems of the section (heading) of the journal and scientific specialty;

-is it appropriate to publish the article taking into account the previously published literature on this issue;

-conclusion about the possibility of publication of this manuscript in the journal: "recommended", "recommended taking into account the correction of deficiencies noted by the reviewer" or "not recommended" for publication in the Journal LEGAL ORDER: history, theory, practice.

The review is signed and certified by the reviewer in accordance with the established procedure. The maximum review period may not exceed 2 months.

3.6. The article, not recommended by the reviewer for publication, is not accepted for re-consideration. The text of the negative review is sent to the author by e-mail..

3.7. The presence of a positive review is not a sufficient basis for the publication of the article. The final decision on publication is made by the editor-in-chief of the journal. In case of rejection of the article from publication, the Editorial Board sends a reasoned refusal to the author.

3.8. All the reviews are kept in Editorial office of the Journal LEGAL ORDER: history, theory, practice within 5 years.

3.9. After the decision to publish the article is made, the author is sent a letter by e-mail.

4. Publication of articles

4.1. Articles are published according to the work plan of the editorial Board and taking into account the funding of the journal.

4.2. After the publication of the article, each author is sent an electronic version of the journal and(or) a link to the page of the website where the published issue is posted.

4.3. All the magazine after publication are sent to academic libraries and organizations, posted electronically under "Archive" on the newspaper's website http://правопорядок

4.4. Each author is given the opportunity to receive a printed copy of the journal subject to reimbursement for its production and shipment. The application for a printed copy of the journal is sent to the editor-in-chief in free form to the e-mail address ( or A printed copy is sent to the specified address within 2 weeks after payment of expenses.

4.5. The article published in the journal is available in electronic form on the website of the publication in the section "Archive of issues".


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